The ultimate Big Boy Toy this holiday season

Sunday, December 11, 2016 4:28 PM  RssIcon  |   News

Is it a car? Is it a robot? It’s both – and soon it could be street legal, too. Turkish company Letvision has created a real-life Transformer that morphs from a BMW 3 Series coupe into a cyborg in about a minute.

It took 12 engineers and four supporting technicians eight months to complete the prototype called Letrons. Fully equipped with a power system to manage energy distribution, Letrons can speak and move its head, neck, wrists, arms and kinetic fingers. While the electric car is only drivable via remote control so far, its creators claim it can be certified roadworthy after further development.

Want it under your tree in time for Christmas? Letrons is for sale. Sort of. You’ll need to tell the makers how you plan to use it first.

Maybe your kids can help you write the letter to Santa...

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