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Saturday, October 28, 2017 7:44 AM  RssIcon  |   News

These days, computer aided design (CAD) is making it easier than ever for manufacturers to drive innovation, value and longevity. But just how did computer modeling develop?

Not unlike the history of the computer, according to this cool History of CAD infographic from our friends at CADENAS PARTsolutions. Although CAD was introduced by Patrick Hanratty in 1957, it took 30 years for pencil and paper to fully go the way of the drafting caveman. Highlights throughout the years include the release of AutoCAD in the 80s, the release of SolidWorks in 1995 and the release in 2015 of Onshape, the first completely cloud based CAD system.

In case you didn’t know, all standard Hamilton casters and wheels come with free downloadable CAD models to integrate with your designs. If you don’t see what you need, our team can help you work on custom engineered applications.

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