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Let’s talk talent evolution at Hamilton

Attracting and retaining great talent is a huge concern for so many industries in today’s economy. This is especially true for a family-owned manufacturer like Hamilton, where we find ourselves faced with some happy challenges:

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It turns out American-made cars are the hardest to kill

If you know Hamilton, you know we’ve got a thing for both staying power and patriotism. Not only does Hamilton make the most durable casters and wheels on the planet (we’ve got the industry’s best warranty to prove it). We’re also proud to be American made since 1907.

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Don’t ignore these 7 common workplace safety hazards

If there’s one thing we know about safety, it doesn’t happen by accident. And since June is National Safety Month, we’re hoping you’ll slow down, do a little soul searching and take note of these seven most common safety risks identified by the National Safety Council.

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Hamilton’s revolutionary new ergo brake is compact, durable and ready to outsmart back pain

At Hamilton, we innovate. Ergo, we are.

Just a little nerd humor there to celebrate the launch of our new premium ergonomic brake. You don’t see a brake like this beauty every day. While other contact brakes require you to push up to release, our brake’s unique, “wing-like” design lets you push down to engage AND disengage the brake. Savvy ergonomists will tell you this is much healthier for your back and affords more powerful actuation (you’ve got gravity and body weight on your side when you’re pushing down).

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When forklifts talk to each another

The notion of smart forklifts is nothing new in an age where drones and self-driving cars are gunning to outperform us all. But the Rochester Institute of Technology is really thinking next-level intelligent materials handling systems. They’re formally teaming up with Raymond Corp. to design and prototype intelligent systems for a fleet of autonomous forklifts to revolutionize warehouse productivity and safety.

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