Drum Handling Equipment - HM49/59/60 & DR545/546

Cap. to 1,000 lbs.



Pallet-loading model.


Use rear wheels to tip nose of Model 59 up onto pallet.
All models on this page are shippable PRONTO®.  

Drum-and-Barrel Movers

Choose popular Model HM49, self-standing Model HM60, or pallet-loading Model HM59 to handle your drums or barrels. All three have a sliding “triple duty” chime hook that fits most metal drums, wood barrels, or open fiber drums.
Heavy duty roller bearings and lube fittings in all wheels: choice of 10"x 2 1/2" Moldon Rubber or Plastex, or 10" x 3.40-5 Pneumatic tires (not available on Model HM59). Model HM59 has two 6" x 2" auxiliary wheels on a 3/4" rear axle, plus “handle bar” for tilting truck back, designed for pallet-loading or simply to ease operator strain.

1. Lean truck against drum and drop hook over rim.
            2. Step on foot bar and pull back on handles.


• Handle length ...................62"
• Overall width  ...................23"
• Axle diameter .....................1"
• Capacity ................1,000 lbs.
• Weight No. HM49 ......75 lbs.
               No. HM59 ......97 lbs.
               No. HM60 ......82 lbs.
Drum Cradles  

This sturdy, all-welded steel drum cradle comes ready to use–no assembly. Features two 2 1/2" swivel casters at one end and two 3" sintered iron wheels at the other. Wheels are plain bore. Model DR545 comes with sliding hook; if no handle desired specify DR545-L. Also available without wheels (DR546), or without wheels or handle (DR546-L). Height 19" (incl. wheels), width 17", length 31" (excl. handle). Capacity 800 lbs. Weight 32 lbs.
Shippable PRONTO® via UPS.



For proper use, simply: 1) lean cradle against drum with nose prongs astride bottom chime; 2) pull out handle and position hook over chime of drum; 3) pull back on handle and drum will seat onto prongs for tipping into horizontal position.
DR545 & DR546

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