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Industrial Trailers

Whether manufactured to customer blueprint, or to our proprietary design, industrial trucks and trailers custom-made by Hamilton comprise a substantial portion of every day's production schedule. When unusual applications require, we also build trucks of aluminum or stainless steel.

Old-fashioned pride of craftsmanship is still alive and well at Hamilton. Because if our years of experience have taught us anything, it's that quality is going to dominate the marketplace. Companies today understand the costs of downtime and repairs . . . or worse yet, of having to "re-buy" equipment prematurely.

Nowhere is craftsmanship more visible than in assembly and painting. That's why, as a reminder of our commitment to quality, the final assembler of each Hamilton Truck adds his "brand" to the Hamilton brand by lettering his initials on the underside. Similarly, shipping personnel are authorized to reject any product that does not reflect Hamilton's customary standards of workmanship.

Yet, important as manufacturing is, all can be for naught if products aren't delivered on time to waiting customers. Shortly after Hamilton introduced PRONTO® Service on casters, we extended it to trucks by pre-building (usually to the point of installing customer's choice of running gear) many popular models for 2-3 day PRONTO® Shipment.

Most Hamilton departments have operated on two shifts since the 1960's, augmented by frequent overtime in selected areas. Our excellent dock facilities are well serviced by dozens of common and contract carriers operating from the Cincinnati Metropolitan Zone, while UPS and air freight are frequently used for smaller or more urgent orders.

As one of our recent ad theses urged, "Experience the difference. Because there's no substitute for experience--ours, or yours."