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Part Details for  W-6-FSB-1/2

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Hamilton Forged Steel Wheel 6" Diameter x 2" Wide x 2 1/4" Hub Length with 1/2" Precision Ball Bearing

3 Year Warranty

MSRP   $71.89
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  • Load Capacity (lbs.):2300
  • Wheel Diameter:6
  • Wheel Face:2
  • Hub Length:2.5
  • Bearing Type:Prec. BB
  • Weight (lbs.):8 lbs
  • Wheel Color/Finish:Clearcoat
  • Note:Capacity based on 2500 hours of life at 2 mph.
  • Wheel Type:Forged Steel
  • Center Design:Solid
  • Type: Forged Steel
  • Material: Forged Steel
  • Rolling Ease: Very High
  • Relative Capacity: Very High
  • Quiet Operations: No
  • Floor Protection: Poor
  • Cushioning (Resilience): Low
  • Impact Resistance: High
  • Moisture Resistance: High
  • Abrasion Resistance: Very High
  • Relative Cost: High
  • Low Temp. Range (F): -40
  • High Temp. Range (F): 320
  • Chemical Resistant: Medium