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Polylast™ Wheels (AY) Capacity Range: 300 - 1500 lbs.


Hamilton's Polylast™ wheels, polyurethane on aluminum, come in two breeds. The 422, 622 and 822 models are wheels made popular by automotive manufacturers across the country. The unique half-round or donut-type tread is combined with maintenance-free precision ball bearings to provide effortless rolling. A generous amount of polyurethane is bonded both mechanically and chemically to a large fin that extends from the center of the core providing excellent performance in the most demanding of applications. Engineers then specified a softer polyurethane with a durometer of 80 (Shore A) to ensure greater traction and to run quieter than traditional urethanes.

Straight Roller Bearings:
 traditional anti-friction bearing, best for manual applications where shock loading (but no side thrust) is prevalent.

Precision Ball Bearings: double sealed, maintenance free, superior rollability aids manual applications, not recommended if shock loading is prevalent.

The end result is a highly durable, easy-rolling, and quiet wheel that can last a lifetime with little or no maintenance required. This wheel design can be specified in additional durometers, colors, and sizes - consult factory. The same wheel design is also available with a cast iron center and can accommodate a 3/4" tapered bearing - consult factory.

The 620 and 820 models represent our traditional poly on aluminum wheels and come standard with a tread hardness of 90-95A. Straight roller bearings are standard in these models and red treads complement their appearance.
Polylast Wheel Selection Table

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3YR =Three Year Warranty applies
Dimensions in inches

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422 3/16DonutPrec. BB300W-422-AYB- 3YR 1/23
622 3/16CrownRoller1200W-620-AY- 3YR 1/2 - 5/8 - 3/43
22 7/16DonutPrec. BB600W-622-AYB- 3YR 1/24
822 3/16CrownRoller1500W-820-AY- 3YR 1/2 - 5/8 - 3/44
22 7/16DonutPrec. BB1000W-822-AYB- 3YR 1/26