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The cart that rocks the cradle rules the world

Tuesday, Jan 30, 2018

Just because we love creating indestructible carts and casters doesn’t mean we don’t have a softer side. Take a recent custom trailer we completed for one of the world’s top producers of plastics.

It’s designed to haul 800-pound vertical eductors that are part of a chemical plant’s infrastructure. Macho stuff, right? Well, the cart also features four cradle assemblies with adjustable heights to not only accommodate different eductor sizes but also raise and rotate them in place as they’re being repaired. Each cradle includes protective rubber pads to ensure gentle handling, while clamps provide added control. For even more agile positioning, the modular cart uses four swivel casters with position locks on each caster for high maneuverability.

Call us crazy, but we like to coddle our cargo just right.

Here are the specs:

  • Description: Eductor Transport & Maintenance Cart
  • Capacity: 500 pounds
  • Deck Size: 32" wide X 84" long
  • Deck Material: Smooth steel
  • Steering Type: Swivel caster style
  • Running Gear: (4)Champion swivel casters with 8" diameter X 3" wide Ergo Glide wheels fitted with precision ball bearings & 4 position swivel locks
  • Superstructure: 4 individual cradles approximately 30" above the floor. Cradles will have a durable, protective surface for eductor to rest on. Eductor will be in 2 halves - each half will be supported by 2 individual cradles. Cradles will have a clamp mechanism to secure the eductor section to the cart. Bolt-on cradle assemblies to be adjustable horizontally along the deck surface to facilitate various versions of the eductor - cradle locations needed upon time of order. 4 adjustable risers to raise cradles from 30" to 42" above the floor
  • Other: Push handle on both ends
  • Finish: Safety Yellow Epoxy

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