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Hamilton’s revolutionary new ergo brake is compact, durable and ready to outsmart back pain

Monday, Apr 30, 2018

At Hamilton, we innovate. Ergo, we are.

Just a little nerd humor there to celebrate the launch of our new premium ergonomic brake. You don’t see a brake like this beauty every day. While other contact brakes require you to push up to release, our brake’s unique, “wing-like” design lets you push down to engage AND disengage the brake. Savvy ergonomists will tell you this is much healthier for your back and affords more powerful actuation (you’ve got gravity and body weight on your side when you’re pushing down).

The new brake is also highly compact, with a tighter envelope that minimizes trip hazards and maximizes safety. Its precision machined solid steel housing makes it extra durable and able to accept a heavy duty spring-loaded machined steel plunger.

To make things easy, we’ve handpicked our best-performing ergonomic casters and matched them up with our new ergo brake in one convenient product line—available on our standard ergonomic caster series, as well as our premium Ergo-X2 Swivel Casters.

Want our new ergo brake on a different caster than what’s listed above? Just say the word. Hamilton can match the ergo brake to any caster you’d like. Just ask.

Because we stop at nothing to innovate for you.

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