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Nobody narrates Hamilton success stories better than our customers

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Meet the unsung heroes of the Hamilton world: our inside sales team.

Day in and day out, they toil tirelessly to make sure we’re delivering for our customers. It’s not about exceeding expectations. That’s so 2015. It’s about shocking expectations.

So we want to accomplish a couple things with this post:

  1. We want to honor our team’s hard work and dedication by listing just a few of the many satisfied customer comments we get through our customer surveys, which are sent out with every order completion.

  2. Due to a record-breaking deluge of recent orders, we want our customers to know that our lead time on non-stock items is longer than we’d like—5 to 6 weeks (that’s still better than the competition, which appears to average 6 to 8 weeks). Please know that we are hard at work to fulfill all our orders with the same quality and attention to detail you expect below.

Praise for our inside sales team:

“As always, the staff knows exactly what they are talking about and are there to help…These days that's hard to find.”

“Due to a sudden change in our Customer's schedule, we needed to expedite a partial and the Hamilton team was right there for us. Thank you.”

“We have gone through a lot of cheap casters over the years, but the Hamilton ones last at least 10x as long—not sure since we haven't had one fail yet.”

“I worked on the phone with customer service late in the afternoon, trying to get the shipment out the same day. It was handled with ease, and extremely professionally. Everything worked as hoped, and the communication of the events was excellent.”

“We were quoted 1-2 weeks and we put the order in the Friday before Thanksgiving- the order arrived at the customer on the last day of the month without any expedited shipping. Hamilton is TOP of the list from now on for any casters our location needs!”

“I really got a sense of quality and commitment from start to finish.”

***Bonus comments***

On our survey, one of the final questions we ask is, “What products should Hamilton Caster consider offering in the future?” Here are some of our favorite responses.

  • “Combo #11 with rice and beans”
  • “Coffee and donuts”
  • “Milillo’s Pizza”
  • “Snacks”

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