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Our new ergo swivel lock gives it to you straight

Thursday, Aug 30, 2018

Life gets hectic. Sometimes your path forward can feel like more of a maze than a straight line. What if you had an easy way to set things straight—with barely any effort and zero strain on your back?

For all of life’s twists and turns, Hamilton is proud to add our new foot-operated, 4-position ergo swivel lock (Model ER4SL) to your choice of optional accessories for all Hamilton forged steel casters. Designed for when you want to switch from a swivel to a rigid caster to steer your load straight, the new swivel lock features the same ergo-friendly innovation as the revolutionary brake we introduced back in April.

Our swivel lock’s unique, “wing-like” design lets you push down to engage AND disengage the lock (the existing 4SL requires you to bend down and pull a ring). Not only is this better for your back, it also affords you more startup power, too.

The magic’s in the caster’s spring-loaded plunger, which positively engages cnc-milled slots in the swivel horn base. The swivel lock is robotically welded for long-lasting, trouble-free performance. And for your most punishing loads, Hamilton conveniently offers a heavy-duty foot-operated version (Model ER4SL-MD) as part of our Maxi-Duty Series.

Sorry, chiropractors. We’re good.

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