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Our new ERZB-TOEG option is a safety manager’s dream

Tuesday, Oct 30, 2018

Here we go again, listening to our customers to make the world a safer place wherever monster casters tread.

This time, continuous improvement strikes in the form of our new Hamilton ERZB-TOEG option designed for the aerospace industry. We’ve been offering protective toe guards on our casters for years, but when applications require brakes, safety becomes an even bigger issue. The combination of a toe guard and brake can get crowded, creating an accident waiting to happen if all the components aren’t properly contained within a safe operating radius.

So aerospace design engineers asked Hamilton to provide a solution: our new ERZB-TOEG configuration provides a substantial metal toe guard with an integrated, heavy-duty ergonomic contact brake. The brake is designed to be compact, with arms running parallel rather than perpendicular to the face of the wheel.

It’s a win-win for both design engineers and safety managers everywhere.

The new option is available on all Hamilton forged steel casters. Simply add the suffix “ERZB-TOEG” to your desired model number.

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