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Why order just one Hamilton custom trailer—when you can have three?

Tuesday, Nov 27, 2018

Nothing says “another satisfied customer” like a repeat order.

In this case, the customer is a high-performance antenna systems manufacturer that can’t get enough of our tailored drop deck caster steer trailers. With two of the same Hamilton trailers already in tow, the customer recently ordered a third one to keep up with production.

The trailers, which are used to haul antennae bases and upright columns during the manufacturing process, were tricky to design. With such tall and bulky loads, we had to keep the trailer deck as low as possible to maintain the load center of gravity in a safe zone and minimize the likelihood of turning over. This was no easy feat, since the load weight required thicker trailer frames and larger wheels (making the deck height too high using traditional design methods). To address the height issue, we engineered a trailer with the running gear located “north and south” of the deck surface, allowing us to drop the deck to just 12 inches off the floor.

To secure the antennae base to the trailer, our engineers specified a series of threaded mounting holes in the deck following a circular pattern to match the antennae base. We placed dual solid pneumatic wheels at all four corners for extra load capacity, and employed two wheel autosteer for stability and easy turning. And we added heavy-duty, side mounted lashing rings to provide additional anchor points for even more load stability.

Here’s a formula worth repeating:

  • Model #: XT3018
  • Description: Drop deck caster steer trailer
  • Capacity: 18,000 lbs.
  • Deck Size: 120” wide x 144" long x 12" high
  • Deck Material: Smooth steel
  • Steering Type: 2-wheel auto style
  • Running Gear: Dual mounted 16" diameter x 5" wide, solid pneumatic tires mounted on steel rims, with bolt-on hubs fitted with tapered roller bearings
  • Couplers: Tongue with towing eye Rear: None
  • Finish: Safety yellow enamel with 1 coat primer
  • Other: Deck to have 84" diameter bolt circle with 12 threaded mounting holes

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