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Cue the gratuitous holiday snowflake wheel graphic

Monday, Dec 17, 2018

It’s December. Let’s get festive with wheels! How about a fun snowflake graphic of our High Performance Rubber on Aluminum Wheels? Snowflakes might be the world’s favorite shape of winter, after all. And, let’s not lie, they’re one of nature’s most hardcore feats of engineering, forming their unique crystal-faced shapes from simple bits of dust in clouds.

We’d like to think our Aluminum Wheels are our own beautifully engineered creations. Rubber is the best resilient tread material to withstand the rigors of snow, moisture and other harsh natural elements compared to our other resilient tread, polyurethane. These premium wheels have the same high tensile strength rubber used in our molded rubber tire wheels. They’re just more resilient, and roll a little easier/softer.

Not quite as cushion-y as, say, a snowflake, but you get the picture. Ho-ho-ho!

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