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Hamilton wheels run full-throttle on this half-pint battle tank

Thursday, May 30, 2019

We’re feeling pretty patriotic after this Memorial Day weekend, so we thought we’d share a feel-good story from our recent past to honor the men and women who build the finest defense weapons for our great nation.

Back in early 2016, one of our customers, General Dynamics of Lima, asked if we would be willing to donate wheels to help build a 50% scale of the “world’s best battle tank”, the Abrams M1. The project, dubbed “Operation Half Pint,” was the brainchild of tank plant Joint Systems Manufacturing Center to showcase a version of the Abrams M1 at parades and events throughout the year. Of course, we were honored to do our part.

Hamilton donated 32 of our Super-Flex™ Rubber on Aluminum wheels (shown in this video at 1:16) to the cause, ensuring that the Half-Pint moves as tirelessly as the people who built it. Instead of shooting ammo, the tank shoots t-shirts and candy. But otherwise, it’s an exact replica of the real deal, complete with hydraulics and electric system.

Volunteers spent four years building Half Pint, which was officially unveiled to the public on August 3, 2018, at the Veterans Freedom Flag Monument. It’s been rolling across the country ever since.

God bless America.

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