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How ‘bout that rosy future for mechanical engineers?

Sunday, Jan 26, 2020

Mechanical engineering: It’s a classic discipline with cutting-edge prospects for the future. Those who stay on top of the latest tech advances in such areas as composites, mechatronics and nanotechnology will burn the brightest, according to this article from our friends at Thomas. Here are four areas where mechanical engineering will be all the rage:

Electric vehicles

The role of mechanical engineers in the automotive industry is more crucial than ever, as the transportation sector pushes to use alternative sources of energy to fight greenhouse gas emissions. To replace traditional internal combustion engines with cleaner, battery-powered systems, we need experts in torque and energy loss, and the design of mechatronics to support new electrical systems. Mechanical engineers will also be in high demand to design robotics and assembly lines, as vehicle manufacturing becomes increasingly automated.


The fast-growing field of nanotechnology—manipulating materials at a miniscule level—is rich territory for mechanical engineers to create stronger composite materials, develop better renewable energy storage systems and create advanced biomedical devices.


Robotics gets even more real for mechanical engineers in the field of biomechatronics, which marries mechanic design with device architectures that mimics the body’s musculoskeletal structure. Think sensor, controller and actuator advances in biomedical devices for prosthetics and miniature medical implants, as well as in the military field.


As demand for increased automation and robotics continues to keep the manufacturing industry on its toes, many manufacturers are having a hard time filling vacant posts with skilled engineers. So if you’re a college student reading this and don’t know which major to declare, it’s time to seriously put on your geek hat and pioneer the future.

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