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We’re pretty drawn to these Hamilton cartoons

Tuesday, Jan 28, 2020

It’s Throwback Thursday, and we’re opening up the vault to revive a piece of our illustrated history.

Check out these whimsical cartoons created to celebrate Hamilton’s 75th anniversary of delivering safety, innovation and efficiency to our customers. The cartoons were featured on the monthly planner we mailed to our customers that same year—a nice little freebie in the days when print was still king to keep everyone organized.

What’s nice is that these “firsts” in Hamilton history still hold true today as key parts of our value proposition:

Speed: We pioneered PRONTO®, the industry's first quick-ship program, in 1967 with one goal in mind: get it to you fast

Safety: It’s in our DNA to deliver ergonomic caster and wheel solutions that keep backs happy and businesses buzzing

Innovation: Forward thinking, creative engineering and a build-it-better attitude help us design new and better products

Now we just need cartoons that speak to size, quality, reliability and local heritage, and we’ll be complete.

Calling all 113th Anniversary cartoonists...

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