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Does Hamilton deal in Black Ops? You be the judge.

Thursday, Jan 30, 2020

What’s awesome: We’re lucky enough to work some of the world’s most leading-edge companies—the ones that are truly pioneering the future of industries such as aerospace, automotive and military defense.

What’s a drag: Many of the applications we create for these customers are so top-secret, we’re not allowed to talk about them with you.

Here’s a perfect example: A recent custom job we designed for a global engineering tooling company. Because the project is classified, we can’t share what it’s being used for (Now is the time in this story where you can let your imagination run wild).

What we can tell you is this:

  1. It’s a special Hamilton Aerospace Spring-loaded Kingpinless Maxi-Duty 10” Swivel Caster.
  2. The payload is extremely delicate, hence the need for a spring-loaded rig.
  3. It leverages some of our best innovations, including the kingpinless version of our top-of-the-line Maxi-Duty casters, which are built for the toughest applications around.
  4. The heat-treated ball raceway means exponential durability, while the HCB Heavy Duty Contact brake—our most effective friction-based brake—ensures everything starts and stops smoothly under heavy loads.
  5. The Super Ultralast® polyurethane tread on the wheels is the highest performing urethane we offer.

Is this enough to start a betting pool on what this application might be for? Spy plane? Area 51 Hovercraft?

Give us your best guess.

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