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Slowdown blues? Let’s beat it with preventative maintenance

Friday, Mar 27, 2020

Nobody wants an economic slowdown, but it’s actually a great opportunity to make sure everything on your factory floor is running as it should. Faulty equipment in the world of heavy-duty manufacturing is no joke, both from a safety and cost standpoint. In fact, 80 percent of unnecessary spending is caused by equipment failure. That’s why we at Hamilton pride ourselves on making the highest quality products on the market to outlast and outperform—saving you money in the long run. And it’s why we back nearly all of our rugged casters and wheels with a 3-year No Fine Print Warranty.

If you find yourself with some unexpected downtime, use these tips to your advantage to help maximize the life of your heavy equipment:

  • Pinpoint major causes of breakdowns (e.g. sudden, intermittent or gradual)
  • Know your machines inside and out (e.g. take time to read equipment manuals)
  • Train your operators properly with day-to-day maintenance tasks
  • Adhere to factory-recommended maintenance intervals
  • Monitor each unit’s condition regularly
  • Document your machine’s service history
  • Analyze fluid levels

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