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Our trio of casters put the custom in customers first

Tuesday, Jun 30, 2020

At Hamilton, custom casters built to last are our business, our passion and our commitment to our customers. And, boy, do we have a trio of beauties to share this month.

Caster #1: Special Maxi-Duty High Heat Swivel Caster

    What’s it for? Autoclave high heat application

    Key features:

    • Cam-style contact brake with foot pedals on each side
    • Ergonomic design to maximize force applied to brake

    What makes it special?

    With a payload of 4500 pounds, this caster can withstand heat up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The caster-and-brake-combo had to be designed as a tight little package—no higher than nine inches tall and minimal width. The brake is engineered with metal on metal to withstand punishing temps. And since metal on metal needs a lot of pressure to work correctly, we designed special springs that apply additional force when starting and stopping.

Caster #2: Double Brush Guard Caster

    What’s it for? An easy rolling caster designed for carts on which the customer builds HVAC units down a production line (6 casters total, with a combined payload of up to 25,000 pounds)

    Key features:

    • Brush guards
    • Offset break to avoid brushes, while still keeping within the mounting height requested by the customer

    What makes it special?

    The production floor has a lot of debris (nuts and bolts). Having used steel wheel and dual casters in the past, the customer suffered from too many snags and poor ergonomics. Our caster has its own brush guard to move debris away from its tracks.

Caster #3: Flange Track Wheel With Green Poly Tread

    What’s it for? Applications that use rails for internal logistics. Not only do rails provide better directional control, but our heavy-duty ones can carry excessive loads so the rest of the floor is spared.

    Key features: Poly tread

    What makes it special? Using a poly tread (instead of traditional steel) provides:

    • A quieter ride: The poly acts as a shock absorber and cushions the ride. It also absorbs imperfectionson the rolling surface
    • Less wear and tear. Poly wheels are great for plants with expensive floors to protect
    • More grip: Poly provides better traction to reduce the possibility of slip and slides

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