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E-bike boom pairs perfectly with pandemic

Friday, Aug 28, 2020

We’ve always known that wheels are the way forward—even in a pandemic. Or, especially in a pandemic, in this case, as electric bikes are having a moment. A BIG moment.

According to the New York Times, battery-powered two wheelers have become as popular as hand sanitizer in recent months. Back in March when parts of the country first went on lockdown, e-bike sales spiked 85 percent from the year prior, and they haven’t looked back since. It seems the pandemic’s a perfect recipe for putting the pedal to the metal. Everyone wants to move more outside. Many are still wary of public transit. There’s less traffic on the roads, so why not take the road less frazzled?

An e-bike is just like it sounds—a bicycle with an electric motor. You still pedal, but with much less effort. Typically there are two types of motors—those in the wheel hub and those in the crank.

Hub motors—by far the most common motors on electric bikes—are cheaper, easier to ride and have a “zippier” effect. Crank motors are said to provide a more “authentic” bike experience, as the motor uses a torque sensor to respond to how much effort you’re putting into the pedals. Because the motor positions all the additional weight at the center of the bike, it’s a more balanced ride, too. There are also all types of e-bikes—mountain bikes, commuter bikes, cruiser bikes. It all depends on your needs and budget.

Whichever you choose, the result is more oomph in every pedal stroke. Less sweating. Smoother sailing. Faster arrival time. You know, the same superhuman qualities we put in our Hamilton casters and trailers.

Let’s ride.

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