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These three megaprojects remind us that the world doesn’t stop

Saturday, Mar 27, 2021

You know we love anything supersized—from Hamilton casters to future dreams. And as the world starts to rouse from a long slowdown, it’s refreshing to spotlight big projects that look forward…like some of the world’s most impressive megaprojects that have a substantial impact on communities, environments and budgets.

The world’s fastest bullet train

Scheduled to open in 2027, Japan’s Chuo Shinkansen maglev train will be the world’s fastest bullet train. The commercial line will connect the 178-mile stretch from Tokyo to Nagoya at speeds of 500km/hour in just 40 minutes. Short for “magnetic levitation,” maglev trains are able to levitate off the tracks with minimal friction through the force of superconducting magnets. The same magnetic forces that lift the train move it forward, just like with Tesla’s Hyperloop.

Egypt’s new smart capital

You want big? Try building a new capital from scratch. That’s what Egypt is doing. To be located east of downtown Cairo, the high-tech capital will be the country’s new administrative hub and home to more than 6.5 million people. Egypt’s first “smart city” will boast the country’s largest airport, Africa’s tallest tower, the Middle East’s largest opera house, a $20 billion entertainment district and what’s projected to be the world’s largest park—bigger than New York’s Central Park.

China’s mega bridge

The Pingtang Bridge in southwest China’s Guizhou Province boasts the world’s tallest concrete reinforced tower at 1,100 feet high. Spanning 4,350 miles across a deep river canyon, the cable-suspension bridge supports one of the longest highways in China (some 4,350 miles). Guizhou is already known as “the museum of world bridges” due to the vast number of high bridges in the area. This new connection not only slashes travel times but links the poorer southern area of China with the more industrialized northern region. It opened New Year’s Day 2020.

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