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Our new Product Finder is your caster search on steroids

Tuesday, Mar 30, 2021

So you’re in search of a specific caster or wheel, but how to find the right one? When your products are as diverse and wide-ranging as ours, it can be a little overwhelming to narrow your search quickly.

Have no fear. Our all-new Product Finder is here. Now when you click on “Product Finder” from our homepage, you’ll see a host of advanced search filters from which to fine-tune your quest. From caster and wheel dimensions, design, performance, or environmental factors and more—you can customize your search to your exact specifications up front. Do you want a swivel or a rigid caster? How about one that’s ergo-centric? Are you looking for a caster that can ride on a flanged track? Do you want fries with that? Because these casters cook! Sorry, we got a little carried away there at the end. You get the idea.

The point is, we’re here for you with a new powerful tool that drills down to the best-suited caster or wheel to meet your specific requirements. Give it a try and let us know what you think—and how we can customize your search even better. Because it’s all about you.

Stop searching. Start finding. Hamilton.

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