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Our double spine trailer has some serious backbone

Monday, Dec 20, 2021

If we had to anthropomorphize our carts and trailers, we'd probably tell you that they get up early, work through lunch and rarely sleep. But this latest custom cart adds a unique dimension to the human trailer story: this one's a real spine tingler, too.

Say hello to this Double Spine Trailer, engineered especially for a major brass manufacturer to haul 5,000-pound, 18-foot-long brass bundles of scrap rod indoors and out year-round. The customer needed a lower deck height than what they previously used, so our double backbone and ribs spine design solution provided a secure enough frame to go lower by 6 whole inches. Seventy-two-inch-tall end rack adds extra load security for going up the factory's 5.5% slope ramp. And thanks to the open-frame design, operators can easily access the loads at any time. There's even extra onboard storage for wheel chocks and stakes.

Because at Hamilton, we've got your back.

Double Spine Trailer

  • Capacity: 50,000 pounds
  • Deck Size: 84" wide x 180" long
  • Deck Height: Approximately 21"+/- to top of cross rail risers
  • Deck Material: Open Frame / Double backbone and ribs
  • Steering Type: 2-Wheel Auto-Steer
  • Running Gear: Press-On Polyurethane
  • Couplers: Loop Type Towing Tongue with a stop at tow height (to allow for 1 person hookup)
  • Finish: Safety Yellow
  • Other:
    • Super Structure 1: (5) Evenly spaced, 72" tall uprights, each side
    • Super Structure 2: 72" tall Bump Plate, Front (tongue side) of Trailer
    • Super Structure 3: Evenly spaced cross rails to allow for fork access
    • Load retention: (6) Winch straps
    • Winch bar included with storage slot to keep bar easily accessible
    • Load retention: (8) lashing rings
    • Corner lifting rings

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