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Three Wise Wheels

Tuesday, Dec 21, 2021

The Three Wise Men may have come bearing gold, frankincense and myrrh this time of year. But these three Hamilton custom casters bear the gifts of quality, longevity and value all year long. Check out their blessed virtues.

Wise Wheel One: Nylast® Single Flange Track Wheel (XW1998)

Virtuous Qualities: Resilience, Grit, Anti-Static

Designed for rolling on a subway rail cart, this caster is engineering to stand up tough to the cold, salty elements (from -29 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius). Crafted from our very own Nylast® DNA, it's resistance to conducting electricity. So the only sparks that fly will be the metaphorical kind.

The face (the wide flat area) is tapered to help center the cart the wheels are attached to. By applying equal force from each side of the cart. This keeps the flange area of the wheel from constantly touching the rail. Reducing drag, friction and wear.

Wise Wheel Two: Drive Wheel (W-1030-NYX)

Virtuous Qualities: Might, Traction

This 10" x 3" Nylast® drive wheel is the perfect solution for when you need to turbocharge your forklifts, conveyors or any power transmission application that needs extra oomph. This one has a keyway to attach to the driveshaft. But we can also customize our drive wheels for v-grooves, setscrews, tapered locking bushings and more.

Wise Wheel Three: Special Dual Flange Track Wheel (XW1955)

Virtuous Qualities: Endurance, Resistance

Our customer was having problems with their aluminum scrap shredder. The bearings on the wheels that push the aluminum scraps into the shredder were failing due to what they suspected was heavy shock loading. So we delivered a dual flange track wheel made from 4140 Steel. Its increased tensile strength is more resistant to impact.

From standard casters to custom jobs that can solve your thorniest design problem, delivering for customers is our favorite gospel. Got an application that needs the gift of Hamilton? Contact us now

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