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Two halves are better than one at the back of this crazy ride

Monday, Jul 25, 2022

In our utopian world of Hamilton design nerdery, there’s no such thing as being overly-engineered. That’s why we love to watch YouTuber “The Q” come up with his often unnecessarily complicated engineering solutions to everyday problems. It’s pure mad scientist genius, and we’re always riveted.

One of The Q’s most viewed (more than 85 million) videos is a bike he rejiggered with the help of what he calls “bikematics.” After annihilating his front wheel riding down a curb, The Q dediced to explore how two half wheels at the rear would fare taking turns making contact with the road. Watch as he walks viewers through each part of the process of cutting, welding and assembling, then takes a test ride to show that everything adds up in the end. You’ll be amazed at how well it travels.

Brings new meaning to “rubber meets the road.”


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