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King Kong can finally fry turkey legs with this colossal skillet

Sunday, Nov 20, 2022

No, this is not a mirage of a kitchen tool that’s finally capable of delivering the appropriate amount of bacon for your Thanksgiving feast. It’s actually the world’s largest cast iron skillet by Lodge, and we love everything it stands for. Craftsmanship. Quality. American-made goodness. And of course, hugeness.

A lucky few may have caught the beast hitching a ride down Interstate 59 earlier this year, en route to its final resting place at the new Lodge company museum being built in South Pittsburg, Tennessee. Well, the museum finally opened last month, and now everyone can see the skillet in all its 18 feet of glory. With a payload of 14,360 pounds (the equivalent of 1.5 Hummer EVs), it can hold approximately 650 eggs according to Lodge. Sadly, the company says the giant replica is only for lookin’, not cookin’.

Probably for the best. Can you imagine what it would take just to season the pan?

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