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Friday, Dec 16, 2022

Oh 2022.

When the anthropologists look back on this year to do a deep dive on Hamilton, they’ll hopefully say we were a kind people dedicated to keen customization, continual improvement, complex math, and of course, a bangin’ party. Here’s a sampling of some of the products, processes and pomp that made the Revolution headlines in 2022.

New UltraGlide wheels (April)
Our latest modular solution designed for what customers want. We kept the best features of the old UltraGlide™ and added new ones to extend longevity and maximize both cush and push.

New robotic CNC cell (May)
We leveled up our automation game with this one: the first complete system on Hamilton’s shop floor designed to machine large volumes of parts over long periods of time. The video says it all.

New and improved swivel lock (June)
50 years after the last design of our swivel lock, it was time for an update: this zippy new facelift features an ergo-friendly T-Handle and quick lock/unlock identification system. Ideal for on-the-go versatility!

Custom 8-wheel reversible auto steer trailer (June)
As the first custom eight-wheel steer trailer we’ve ever produced (not a lot of companies do this), this truck gave us a chance to flex our chops in automotive style steering geometry. We nicknamed it “Crazy Eight,” so you know it’s good.

Party to celebrate our new digs (July)
Even though we moved in 2021, we didn’t have our official coming-out party to celebrate our multi-million-dollar corporate HQ expansion until July. And, man, was it worth the wait: 200 of our closest friends, family members, business leaders and even the Mayor of Hamilton, himself, came out to chin-chin.

Custom coil cart (July)
This was a great example of Hamilton being proactive about anticipating customer needs. We designed a prototype cart to haul multiple sizes of one of manufacturing’s darlings: the ubiquitous steel coil. Then just like magic, we got a request from one of the world’s premier automotive manufacturers for this exact cart.

Conquering the brachistochrone question (Aug)
Three words. Nerds and physics. We took a break from the everyday rigors of manufacturing Herculean products to examine the fastest path between two points. It was a fascinating lesson for us all.

As always, we want to thank you for being part of the Hamilton family. Wherever the headlines take us in 2023, we hope you’ll be right there with us. Happy New Year to you and yours!

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