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Love winter? Get lost in the world’s largest snow maze

Sunday, Feb 26, 2023

If you’re the sort who views late February weather as a cruel and deeply personal attack on your mental health, then this post isn’t for you. But if you prefer to join ‘em when you can’t beat ‘em—and since the groundhog saw his shadow this month anyway—then get ready to love “the world’s largest snow maze” in all its wintry glory. Located in Zakopane, Poland, which is apparently where all the Polish hipsters go for ski season, it measures 2,500 square meters and gives off some serious “Shining” vibes to all who dare enter its 2-meter-high walls.

Called “Snowlandia,” this giant ice labyrinth was built from more than 60,000 blocks of ice and took more than a month to complete. Lit up like a fairytale at night, it houses a huge snow castle inside, complete with a watchtower and lookout. You can even ride a sled down from the maze’s highest point. Just beware the hidden tunnels. This baby could take up to 4 hours to escape.

Talk about snow way out.

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