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Tuesday, Feb 28, 2023

There’s nothing more gratifying than a satisfied customer. Hearing first-hand that we’re delivering on our core brand promise of quality and reliability is what gets us up in the morning. So when we heard from our Inside Sales Rep Caleb Jones that one of his customers is a big believer in Hamilton casters, we had to investigate further.

Tony Stellabuto is the President of RTU Lift Systems, which makes the RTU-2500 lifting system for transporting rooftop HVAC units. Tony uses Hamilton casters exclusively for the RTU-2500. Why? We called Tony to find out. Here’s a brief excerpt from our conversation.

Tell us a little bit about RTU lift systems.

It’s an economical solution to moving heavy HVAC units. The RTU-2500 Lift System is commercial/industrial grade, safe, and easy to use. Our unique design enables the RTU-2500 to be the only system available to be hoisted through any roof hatch, without disassembly. Not all rooftop HVAC installations or replacements are able to be accessed by a crane due to power lines, property restrictions, etc. The use of a large crane or helicopter is very costly and time consuming. Our system eliminates the need for a large crane or helicopter, which drastically reduces job costs.

How did you get introduced to Hamilton casters?

I tried several different caster manufacturing companies during R&D. Hamilton surpassed the other manufacturers in quality. I have been using Hamilton Casters ever since.

How has it been working with Hamilton?

Our customers have expressed positive feedback on how easy our system is to maneuver. That being said, we know that the Hamilton caster contributes a great deal to the effortless mobility of the RTU-2500. Your team is always very professional and punctual with orders and I love that Hamilton casters are made in the USA. We look forward to working with Hamilton for many years to come.

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