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Unleash the hydro fury: world’s mightiest water gun

Thursday, May 25, 2023

Memorial Day weekend is nigh. And nothing says “summer-ready” like the “world’s strongest water gun.”

Called the SpyraThree, this hydro blaster pro boasts an electronic firing system that can take down your enemies from up to 30 feet away—or up to 50 feet away when you command a “PowerShot.” It’s also got three shooting modes: There’s “Open” mode for freestyle shooting. “Burst” mode lets you fire off three super-fast, consecutive and ultra-powerful water blasts every time you pull the trigger. Or for the ultimate tourny feel, try “League” mode, where you’ll be forced to reload after taking a certain amount of shots. One full USB-C charge yields about 100 reloads. And when you need more juice, the SpyraThree automatically refills and repressurizes itself in 10 seconds flat simply by sticking the muzzle in water. There’s also a handy digital display that measures water levels and battery life.

At $179 per gun, is this colossus of a water gun for you? That depends on how serious you take your water warfare. According to Spyra marketing lore, “squirting pathetic waters streams after minutes of pumping” is not where modern-day water guns should be.

Challenge accepted.

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