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How our warehouse distribution carts are trailblazing efficiency

Thursday, May 25, 2023

Did we mention that we pride ourselves on custom designing our carts to your heart’s desire?

At Hamilton, we can pretty much build your trailer to any dimension or capacity based on your unique requirements, from ultra-high capacities to extreme temps, unusual terrain and everything in between. It’s all about making your world more efficient and productive.

The best part is when we can turn the customization into a repeatable playbook, like we’ve done for a major big-box retailer. After noticing that several of the retailer’s different distributions centers across the country had reached out to Hamilton, our Director of Business Development Sean Treglia saw an opportunity. “I was getting orders from different centers and realized they could all benefit from the same cart,” he recalls.

Using the right material handling equipment is critical in warehouse distribution centers, where safety, durability and reliability are all top-of-mind. Identifying an opportunity to streamline efforts, Treglia helped put together this handy PDF to illustrate how our caster-steer trailers can be an ideal solution in the breakpack process.

“[The retailer] likes them because they’re very maneuverable and they track well behind tuggers,” explains Treglia. “Their warehouse employees find it very easy to load and offload cases for order fulfillment.” Thankfully, Treglia’s efforts are paying off, as the customer just ordered 35 more carts this past March.

Got a tricky material handling job that could use the Hamilton custom touch? Reach out to our sales team.

XT3156 4K Caster Steer Trailer

  • Capacity: 4,000 lbs.
  • Deck Size: 48” wide x 90” long
  • Deck Material: Hardwood deck
  • Steering Type: Caster Steer
  • Running Gear: Two each S/R-CH-13DB swivel and rigid casters with 10" x 3" "Duralast" polyurethane wheels with precision ball bearings
  • Couplers: CP00030/40 heavy duty safety automatic couplers
  • Travel speeds: 3-5 mph recommended
  • Finish: Wood work sanded and varnished; steelwork enameled Hammertone blue

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