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Godzilla, phone home, with this “special edition” iPhone

Thursday, Jul 27, 2023

If our casters could make phone calls, they would definitely drop a line from this gargantuan gadget.

It’s the world’s largest working iPhone, standing 8-feet tall and weighing a whopping 500 pounds. Designed by Matthew Beem, a popular YouTuber known for constructing the world’s largest computers, the smartphone comes correct with a fully-functioning touchscreen, front-facing camera and rear triple-camera array. Rest assured, Apple fans, this oversized wonder can perform all the tasks you love: taking selfies, using Apple Pay, FaceTiming with friends and more, thanks to a touch screen that functions through a large TV display attached to the phone.

Don’t miss Beem’s highly entertaining video, where he explains how he cobbled the iPhone together from various parts while chronicling the painstaking lengths he underwent to ensure everything about this monstrosity was accurate and functioning. He and his buddies even take the phone on an adventure through New York City and get tech reviewer Marques Brownlee to review the phone live.

We think it’s safe to say this will never be a pocket edition.

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