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Three record-breaking Thanksgiving eats

Tuesday, Nov 21, 2023

If you’re like us, you constantly think about food. If you don’t eat every four hours, you become a monster. So Thanksgiving is, like, the Super Bowl of your life. And since Hamilton is also the bon vivant of all things big, we feel compelled to combine our love of gastronomy and the gigantic with this roundup of the world’s most enormous Thanksgiving edibles on record. Bon appetit.

Heaviest Turkey
Of course his name was Tyson the Turkey, and he weighed 86 pounds back in 1989 at a contest in London, England. That’s about four times larger than the average turkey and equivalent to a baby rhino. Tyson eventually sold at a charity auction for more than $6,500.

Largest Pumpkin Pie
It took 40 chefs to make this colossal confection in 2010 in New Bremen, Ohio. With a 20-foot diameter and a weight of 3,699 pounds, the pie was lovingly crafted from 187 cans of pumpkin and 525 pounds of sugar. It took hours to painstakingly assemble the crust made from 440 sheets of dough. Yet ironically it only took 30 minutes to bake.

Largest Serving of Mashed Potatoes
Interesting choice to go for the record on this one? But nevertheless, four male high school students from New York made their class project Guinness official with the world’s largest serving of squashed spuds in New York back in 2015. Dubbed the “Brotatoes,” these tenacious teens made cold calls and networked like crazy to get the local community to donate all the equipment, supplies and space to produce 2,641 pounds of this glorious Turkey Day staple.

May your Thanksgiving feast be excessively delicious, this year and always. Gobble, gobble.

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