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Are minivans cool again?

Tuesday, Nov 21, 2023

The 5 stages of getting a minivan, before and after kids:

Stage 1: Disgust. (Before kids) Hard no. Some of us still have our dignity.

Stage 2: Denial. (One kid) We’re making an SUV work. Car seat fits awesome.

Stage 3: Curiosity. (Two kids) Maybe we’ll just loooook at an Odyssey. You know, to confirm it’s lame.

Stage 4: Acquiescence. (Three+ kids) Gotta admit, this thing is stupid huge. I hate myself.

Stage 5: Acceptance. Dream car. Kids. Groceries. Christmas tree. Sheets of drywall. Bring it.

The folks at Nissan are here to assure you that none of this inner turmoil will be necessary in the near future, thanks to their latest electric concept vehicle, the Hyper Tourer. Unveiled at this year’s Japan Mobility Show, the all-electric Hyper Tourer is an autonomous, hyper-intelligent beast that’s pretty much meant to mimic your living room on a road trip. The exterior boasts sleek, angular styling and wheels with Kumiko patterning, a traditional Japanese design made from interlocking wooden bars. But the real magic happens inside. Here are some of the sweetest features:

  • Innovative AI: The van’s system can monitor your biometric signs such as heart rate, breathing and brain waves and customize the music and lighting to align with your current mood
  • A full flat LED screen floor: It displays relaxing nature imagery (think riverbeds and serene skies)
  • Total relaxation: Front and back seats that swivel 360 degrees accommodate maximum passenger interaction while the car self-drives
  • Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) functionality: The battery could be used to power your home, store or office

But don’t start pro-creating with abandon just yet. Nissan admits this concept is nowhere near close to production. It’s more of a preview of the possibilities to come.

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