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Here’s the lowdown on our high-impact custom trailer

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Just how low can you go? When it comes to Hamilton carts and trailers, the answer is pretty darn low. And that’s exactly what our customer, Siemens Corporation, needed.

This global electrical powerhouse company was in search of a better way to move switchgears of various sizes. Their old method of using fork trucks to transport the switchgears on pallets was inefficient and cumbersome. So they turned to Hamilton for a tug and trailer option to streamline their production line. Deck height was crucial for Siemens—the lower, the better. The cart had to be at an ergonomic level so their production team could comfortably service the switchgears while stationary on the trailers.

Low and behold, our new solution:

  • • We engineered a robust cart with a 13,000 payload. It can handle switchgears of all sizes, including their heaviest one, which measures 12.6-feet-long by 6-feet-wide and weighs 11,000 pounds. It also works seamlessly with the MasterMover MT800+ tugger.
  • • At a mere 16 inches high, our trailer deck practically hugs the ground, thanks to an innovative design that tucks the swivel casters up inside the frame when stationary. So both worker and switchgear can commune with ease.
  • • For added flexibility, we included a coupler plate that can be moved to the long side of the cart.

Low to the ground. High in efficiency. That’s the Hamilton way.

XT3588 Switchgear Parts Transport Trailer

  • Trailer type: Caster steer
  • Capacity: 13,000 lbs.
  • Dimensions: Width: 75" wide x 165" long
  • Running Gear:(4) 10"x 3" Ergo-Glide® swivel casters equipped with ERZB brake and four position swivel locks. Hamilton part # S-EHD2-13EGB-4SL-ERZB
  • Deck Height: 16"
  • Deck material: Smooth sheet metal
  • Coupling: Reversible loop type towing tongue
  • Other: D-rings evenly spaced along the length sides for strapping steel during transit
  • Finish: Hamilton Blue

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