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Thursday, Jun 20, 2024

It’s time for your monthly creative fix.

Take a gander at this Instagram account, Inspiring Designs (@inspiringdesignsnet) for a treasure trove of otherworldly designs that will leave you in awe. This “specialized digital product design agency” uses advanced software to create products, homes, experiences and more that are pure digital magic.

The variety of designs is astounding. From stunning architectural marvels to intricate home decor details, each piece is a visual feast, often defying gravity or imagination. According to the Inspiring Designs website, these creations serve as blueprints of “what could be,” inviting manufacturers and investors to scout for inspiration or “the next big thing”.

We’re particularly drawn to the stuff on wheels. From a Volkswagen Bus walker for the elderly to a tank toilet for the army-obsessed to a Harley snowblower/lawn mower for adventurous dads, it’s a wild ride of whimsical wonderment.

Just don’t fall down the rabbit hole on your lunch hour, or you might not come back.

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