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Automaker Cranks Up Truck Production with Hamilton Casters

Wednesday, Jan 29, 2014

With Hamilton on the assembly line, one of the world’s biggest automakers churns out nearly 400 pickup trucks a day, five days a week.

But productivity at the Michigan-based plant hasn’t always been this high.

“Before switching to Hamilton in 2012, casters broke down on a weekly basis,” said Steve Chittick, outside sales rep for E&R Industrial. “It only took one to stop the whole operation in its tracks.”

Inside the factory, casters roll carriers that house pickup truck frames. As they move down the production line, workers add axles, shocks, mufflers and all the internal framework.

“When the plant manager asked me for a solution, I thought of Hamilton because they’re known for their durability,” said Chittick. “Sure enough, not a single caster has failed.”

In 2012, the manufacturer produced more than 150,000 vehicles. With numbers that high, there’s a good chance the truck you’re driving was built on Hamilton’s forged steel swivel casters.

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