Caster Wheels

Caster Wheels

The following pages contain the most extensive offering of industrial casters and wheels in the 100-plus year history of Hamilton Caster. You will find a caster or wheel for every conceivable industrial application. Capacities range from 120 lbs. to 40,000 lbs.

The vast majority of Hamilton's legendary forged steel casters have a lifetime guarantee on the integral kingpin and are denoted with a '3YR" next to its model number in the website or catalog selection tables.

Industrial wheel sizes range from 2 ½" x 1 1/8" up to 22" x 10". And every conceivable tread type is available in a broad range of sizes. Most offerings are available for 1-2 day PRONTO® shipment. In addition, if you require a special bore or bearing size, you've come to the right source.

If providing flexible-path mobility is what non-powered equipment does so well, it's important to select the industrial casters and wheels that will do your job best. In this way you can be sure of getting top performance without excessive investment. Wheels and casters are offered in a variety of types and sizes-not to confuse you, but because differences in applications can create big differences in what will perform best. And equally important, selecting the right wheel or caster will save money in the long run by heading off downtime, excessive maintenance costs, and premature replacement. For original equipment manufacturers, it can mean the difference between enhancing the mobility and life of a product... or inviting complaints with every sale.

The section will describe what's available in different types of industrial wheels and bearings, and their characteristics. But in order to know what to look for in the convenient charts and nomenclature presented there, you first need to ask certain questions about the application, such as:

Capacity: What will the maximum load be? Don't forget the weight of the vehicle itself! Does the possibility of overload, shock loading, abuse or poor floors call for a safety factor? Capacities shown in this website are based on 3 m.p.h. intermittent operation over smooth floors. Because of varying conditions and differing corporate philosophies, capacity ratings may differ from one manufacturer to the other and should never be used in place of specifications for making comparisons. (For example, some makers require reducing their ratings by 50% for power towing, which is not the case with Hamilton's.)

Floor Conditions: Are they smooth? Must elevator sills, railroad tracks or dock plates be traversed? Are there chips or harmful substances on the floor? And don't forget about floor protection. In general, resilient wheels are required for rough floors or power-towed equipment.

Operating Environment: Is noise a factor? Water, oil, grease, chemicals or temperature extremes present? Special lubricants can be provided by the factory, as well as special bearings or sealed bearings. Frequent movement demands longer-wearing components than occasional movement.

Rollability: If loads are to be pushed manually, select the largest practical wheel diameter, anti-friction bearings, and the kind of wheel that will start and roll easiest over the surface in question. On smooth floors, the harder the tread the easier it will roll. Conversely, soft tread wheels-desirable for rough floors, outdoor use, or for cushioning loads-can be difficult to push manually under heavy loads.

Caster Wheels

Polyurethane Wheels
Our polyurethane wheels carry higher capacities than rubber. Polyurethane wheels outwear rubber, are floor protective and quiet in operation.

Rubber Tired Wheels
Possessing good cushioning properties, rubber tired wheels work well on rough and uneven surfaces, turn quietly and protect floors.

Metal Wheels
Metal wheels consist of four types -- cast iron wheels, ductile iron wheels, forged steel wheels and stainless steel wheels. Metal wheels can be configured with a flat face or crowned tread.

Plastic Wheels
Plastic wheels are easy rolling, have a high capacity, are economical, chemical resistant and floor protective in intermittent operation.

Track Wheels: V-Grooved Wheels, Flanged Wheels
Industry's most comprehensive offering of v-grooved (v-groove wheels) & flanged wheels. Loads are taken off the floor permitting higher capacities, easier rolling, floor protection, and controlled flow all at the same time.

Special Purpose Industrial Wheels
Developed for specific industrial wheel applications. Hamilton offers a complete line in each of these two wheel types.

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