Manufactured Lean in the USA
Bearing TypeRoller
Mounting Bolt0.5
Caster Rig TypeForged Steel
Caster Color/FinishCrimson Powder
Wheel Color/FinishBlack
Wheel Diameter5
Load Capacity (lbs.)1000
Overall Height6.75
Replacement WheelW-520-P-3/4
Swivel Offset 'G'2.5
Mounting Plate4 1/2 x 6 1/2
Weight (lbs.)12
Wheel Face2
Wheel TypePlastex
Floor Preservation:
Quiet Operation:
Type: Plastex
Material: Phenolic
Relative Capacity: High
Cushioning (Resilience): Low
Impact Resistance: Medium
Moisture Resistance: Low
Abrasion Resistance: Medium
Relative Cost: Low
Low Temp. Range (F): -50
High Temp. Range (F): 300
Chemical Resistance: Poor
Data available for wheels intended for manual operation: wheels 2” in width. For data of other wheel widths, consult factory.