Advanced Duty Casters (A) Capacity Range: 840 - 2,600 lbs.

#S-A-83RH Swivel
w\ Moldon Rubber wheel

Advanced Duty Casters are distinguished by the "ears" of the horn base that provide a generous welding area for the husky legs and allow for lower overall heights. They feature a precision tapered thrust bearing and guaranteed-for-life integrally forged kingpin.

  • Precision unit load bearing
- And reduced offset to increase capacity to 3,750 lbs.
  • Swivel Locks 
(-SL) - 2 or 4 position. 
  • Wheel Brakes
(-FCB) [except 6" swivels](-FB), (-ZB) [not pronto with tapered bearings], (-FRB)(-B)
  • Wheel Bearing Seals
  • Heat Treated Raceways
  • Swivel Construction
- 3/8" thick drop forged steel mounting plate; 3/8" x 3" plate steel legs welded inside and outside to forged steel horn base.
7000 Series Swivel Construction
  • Kingpin
- 1" dia. integrally forged with mounting plate guaranteed for life not to bend or break, and threaded for adjustable slotted nut and cotter pin.
  • Main Load Bearing
- CNC-machined 3-3/4" dia. raceway; 1/2" dia. hardened and polished steel balls.
  • Secondary Load Bearing
- 1" precision tapered automotive thrust bearing counteracts radial thrust.
  • Axle
- 3/4" dia. hex head with lock nut
  • Lubrication Fittings
- Ball-check type in swivel assembly and wheel hub.