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The Revolution: Hamilton Caster
Riptide Tears Through Treacherous Terrain on Hamilton Wheels 1 Riptide runs on Hamilton Wheels

Tune in Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. Eastern on Discovery Channel to catch "Black Ops," the show where twin brothers, Mike and Geoff Howe, create some of the wildest machines ever seen.

In a recent episode, the duo created Riptide, a versatile and fully amphibious all-terrain vehicle that roars across the roughest turf. Catch Hamilton wheels at the 42-second mark – solid hubs on the top and spokes on the bottom.


The Big Number 2 Mini-Mite Caster

6 inches: That's all it takes for one Mini-Mite caster to support five tons. At just six inches tall, this high-capacity/low-profile caster boasts kingpinless construction and a hardened raceway.


Hamilton Caster Selected for the NFL Pro Bowl 3 NFL Stadium casters.

While the NFL's All Stars prepare to battle at the Pro Bowl in Hawaii, our casters will get the pre-game show rolling. For years, Hamilton Caster has worked with distributors hired by the NFL to put on the biggest shows for millions of fans. This year's Pro Bowl is no exception.

Whether it's halftime at the Super Bowl or opening day at the Dallas Cowboys billion-dollar stadium, the NFL knows it can trust Hamilton Caster to deliver on the biggest stages.

This 2011 Pro Bowl takes place on Sunday, January 30. If only we could be in Hawaii. We'll have to settle for cable.


New Swivel Caster Technology Runs Circles Around the Competition 4 new swivel caster technology

Every caster needs more swivel. Hamilton Precision Integrated (HPI&;) technology does just that. The latest generation in caster technology swivels more easily under the heaviest loads (up to 23,000 pounds) and outlasts conventional swivel raceways in 24/7 operations, such as automatic-guided vehicles and towline carts.

Many of Hamilton's popular forged steel caster series have been upgraded, and HPI&; is now standard equipment on the Maxi-Duty, Enhanced Precision Super Duty, Extra Heavy Duty, and Extended Services Series. Most other standard series can also be upgraded to HPI&;.

For more information, drop us a line. 1-800-733-7655 or


Do You Know What Your Prospects Are Thinking? 5 Classic car salesman

Prospective buyers are still as cautious as ever, even if the economy is steadily improving. Before meeting with a customer, start thinking like one. Here's how to prepare:

  1. 1. How can you help the customer maximize return on their investments?
    Because budgets are tight, you'll need to show how your company can provide a larger and faster return on investment (ROI) than the competition. Every salesperson knows about ROI, but it's the ones who show exactly how they can help their customers reach those returns that edge out the competition.
  2. 2. Can you minimize the customer's risk of making a bad investment?
    Buyers shudder at the sound of risk, so it's important to pony up a security blanket of sorts. You might offer a short-term contract or trial offer to ease them into business without an initial long-term contract. Or simply ask them what it would take to move forward with the sale.
  3. 3. Can they trust you?
    Trust is everything. You've heard it before, but it's all too true. When dealing with new customers, show them buyer testimonials (preferably on your website) and don't be afraid to name-drop any big-name clients you work with.

Read more sales advice at Business Brief.


A Novel Story from a Hamilton Caster Dealer 6 Two people reading books

Thanks to everyone who sent us their greatest hits for last month's story contest. Nolan Shepherd, from a Hamilton distributor in Maryville, Tennessee has sold Hamilton products for years. He was happy to share his story with us. Here’s our winning entry:

"My most memorable moment happened when a customer browsing a competitor's catalog. He wanted casters, so I talked to him to get the specific dimension, width and weight capacity he needed.

I was familiar with Hamilton Caster after meeting their employees at our company trade show, so I knew what to do next. I called Hamilton Caster. With the very helpful knowledge from Hamilton's support staff, I got the business.

The customer has since bought nearly 150 casters, and they love them. Thanks, Hamilton Caster!"

Thanks for your story, Nolan, and $100 American Express gift card is in the mail!


Hamilton Caster Trivia Trivia
Q: What's the warranty on the integral forged steel kingpin used in Hamilton's heavy-duty swivel casters?
A: They're guaranteed for life!