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The Revolution is Hamilton Caster's monthly eNewsletter. You'll find useful sales tips, product news and ideas, and weird trivia that may help you win Jeopardy someday. Our revolution is about redefining the limits of our products, and developing new ways to communicate with you and support your goals. Join us in saying “so long” to our tree-based newsletter, Highlights, and taking a coffee break with "Revolution,” Hamilton Caster style.

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Buzz Us Directly on Our New Direct Lines 2 Superman

Step aside, operators. We've upgraded our phone systems and armed our salespeople with direct lines. Whether you want to order casters, or talk about who's going to win the big game this weekend, our crew is here for you.

There's now a toll-free 800 number for each salesperson, as well as a toll-free direct sales line so you can bypass the operators and get to the first available salesperson.

Because our salespeople feel larger than life with their new firepower, we asked them about their favorite superheroes. Here they are, along with their direct numbers. Call them and say "hi!"

Direct sales line: 888.435.1484

  • Jim Lippert (888.435.1485): Wolverine
  • Joe Ford (888.435.1486): Spiderman
  • Larry Latimer (888.435.1487): Green Lantern
  • Bob Latimer (888.435.1488): Ironman
  • Marty Wilson (888.435.1489): Superman

Fact zap: Larry recently sold casters for the production set of his favorite superhero's movie, Green Lantern.


Forged Steel A True Heavyweight Champ 3

2,200: The temperature in Fahrenheit required to form forged steel. That's nearly three times the temperate on Mercury, the closest planet to the Sun!

Forged steels handle the biggest loads. Our highest rated caster can support 23,000 pounds - over five tons! While the metal is shaped during the forging process, its internal grain deforms to follow the shape of the part. As a result, the grain becomes continuous throughout the part, which allows it to bear tremendous weight.

The brute strength characteristics let us guarantee our forged steel kingpins forever. They won’t bend or break, ever. Kingpins in light duty casters are usually the first part to fail, but in Hamilton forged steel casters, the kingpin is integral with the top plate, making failure extremely unlikely.


Casters Head to Igloo Land 4 Penguins

Three thousand miles away? No problem. We worked with a customer in Alaska this summer whose job depended on Hamilton casters.

No other company could produce and ship the caster he needed in time for an invention, and he knew about Hamilton Caster's reputation for customer service and delivery speed.

Hamilton Caster is no "other" company. One of our caster experts, Marty Wilson, worked closely with the customer to make sure the caster would be delivered in time. After it was shipped, Marty contacted him to make sure he received the caster and was satisfied.

He was more than satisfied.

"I must say that it has been a pleasure to have found you folks -- very professional. That you would take the time to contact some hick living in the Alaskan weeds, over a single caster order, says very much about the quality of your organization," he said.

Whether you're in Dallas, London, or Moscow, Hamilton Caster has you covered - even Alaska. No matter where you are, give us a buzz. 888.435.1484


Dallas Cowboys Lasso 64 Trailers 5 Dallas Cowboys

Our casters keep the game - and beer - flowing for thousands of thirsty football fans every season. And when the Dallas Cowboys needed trucks to move concessions in their $1 billion stadium, they turned to Hamilton Caster.

The Southwest distributor that supplies the Cowboys ordered 64 aluminum trailers to keep the cold beer and hot dogs moving this season. Four internal handle sockets allow these unique trailers to maneuver in tight spaces, such as a freight elevator, or around 110,000 drunken fans.

The trailers handle up to 2,000 pounds - that's 11 beer kegs, or 125 hot dog packs, whichever you prefer. No matter how big or small, Hamilton Caster fuels college and professional athletic stadiums nationwide.


Plenty of Beer Bellies to Go Around 6

The party still hasn't stopped in the town of Landesbergen, Germany. To celebrate the town's 950 year anniversary, 2,280,000 bottle caps formed a record-setting gigantic mosaic. The mosaic was laid out on a 325 feet by 209 soccer pitch in 2005.

The sheer amount of bottle caps used for the mosaic earned this bad boy a Guinness World Record. Check out video of the mosaic before and after assembly. Now that’s a lot of beer!


Hamilton Caster Trivia Trivia
Q: When did Hamilton Caster begin its family-owned business?
A: 1907 - more than 100 years ago!

"In my book, the history of this
business could be summed up in
just two words: hard work."
– Former Hamilton Caster President, Ralph Lippert