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Manufactured Lean in the USA
Hamilton Electrifies Global Energy Company 1 Hamilton Electrifies Global Energy Company

Next time you flip a light switch, think of Hamilton. A major energy company uses our custom trailer to haul industrial control valves that manage massive steam turbines at a power plant.

But unlike other custom trucks that only handle gigantic or awkward-sized loads, this trailer is built to operate in smoldering temperatures and crushing pressures. We can't reveal the specific conditions, but to put things in perspective, it withstands temperatures hotter than the surface of Venus, and more pressure than the deepest ocean.

Inside the power station, the steam turbines attach to a fossil or nuclear generator that pumps electricity for industrial and commercial needs.

Here are the tech specs of this unique trailer:

  • Size: 57" wide by 102 1/2" long
  • Load capacity: 30,000 lbs.
  • Running gear: Four mounted W-POY-1590 press-on polyurethane wheels mounted into fifth-wheel steering arrangement
  • Loop-type tongue for towing
  • Open-frame construction of structural steel tubing
  • Frame consists of two independent cradles with running gear directly mounted underneath
  • Each cradle is equipped with nylon slings 6" wide and 4-ply layers of polyester pinned upright for adjustment


Get to Know a Truck Guru: Bob Latimer 2 Get to Know a Truck Guru: Bob Latimer

When Bob Latimer joined Hamilton back in 1977, Apple Inc. had just been founded and Jimmy Carter became the 39th President of the United States. Plenty has changed since then. But 35 years later and now our Truck Team Leader, Bob is still with us. At least now he doesn't have to use snail mail to handle orders.

Here's more on Bob, our seasoned sales veteran who's sold more trucks than anyone in Hamilton's 105-year history:

Favorite Part of the Job: Helping customers get what they need. It might sound cliche, but it's the truth. Because of my experience in trucks, I know almost every industry and application, and that helps simplify even the most complex custom orders. And at Hamilton, we go to great lengths to make sure the truck we build is perfect for the job.

Just last month the whole crew was involved in a custom order. Everyone from Hamilton's truck designer to the plant engineer, foreman and president. We even went to the customer's factory to make sure we nailed the execution.

Hobbies: I love cutting the grass. For me, it's therapeutic. I live on a 65-acre farm. But even with my Massey Ferguson, I don't try to tackle it all at once.

Pets: My wife has two cats. I'd love a dog, but I'm at the office too much!

Favorite Book or TV Show: I love sports, especially University of Kentucky basketball. In college I played on scholarship at LeTourneau University in Longview, Texas.

What Most People Don't Know About Me: Between Larry (my brother, also in sales at Hamilton) and me, I'm the better looking one!

Best Qualities of a Hamilton Sales Engineer: We have a saying at Hamilton: "We stand behind our products, not in front of them." We're realistic about load capacities, even with the highest in the industry, and we don't cut corners to cheapen an order. We'll even do a quote for free.

Want to learn more about Bob, or talk trucks and trailers? Call him directly at 888.435.1488.


Round About: Homage to the Largest Ship Ever 3 Round About: Homage to the Largest Ship Ever

In our "Toughest Casters on the Planet" ad series, we showed you how major shipbuilders depend on Hamilton. That got us thinking: What's the biggest ship ever built?

The crown goes to the Seawise Giant, a now-defunct oil tanker that was longer than the Empire State Building and hauled more than half a million tons. Fully loaded, she weighed 724,239 tons and spanned 1,503 feet, nearly 200 feet longer than the next closest vessel.

Her rudder alone weighed 230 tons. The anchor 50 tons.

Built in 1979, the ship was so large it couldn't pass through major waterways like the English Channel and the Panama Canal. After a 31-year career of transporting crude oil, she was purchased and scrapped in India in 2010.

Although we never had the pleasure of gracing her presence, there are plenty more ships at work in the shipping industry for Hamilton's heavy-duty casters, either building vessels, or carting containers on and off them.


4 Ways the U.S. Military Enlists Hamilton 4 4 Ways the U.S. Military Enlists Hamilton

Every branch of United States culls up Hamilton's heavy-duty expertise. Whether it's a custom trailer to haul aircraft wings for the Air Force, or a custom truck for the Army to operate in sandy conditions thousands of miles away, Hamilton does its duty.

Here are four ways our trucks and casters support the military:

  1. For an extremely high-heat application at an Air Force base, we built a custom kingpinless, Enhanced Precision Super Duty (EPSD) caster capable of handling 5,000 lbs. and temperatures up to 700 degrees F.
  2. To haul a squadron of aircraft parts around a factory, the Air Force needed 75 custom Hamilton trucks of various sizes.
  3. It took one of our most unique, custom designs to build a truck to carry awkward-sized aluminum extrusions for a defense contractor.
  4. To roll 3-ton oil tanks (not the weapons) around a factory for a defense supplier, we designed a custom cradle truck with steel tubes on the side for forklift entry.


The Big Number: Low Ride. Huge Capacity. 5 The Big Number: Low Ride. Huge Capacity.

At 4.75 inches, even a standard wheel dwarfs our new Son of Mini-Mite Low Profile Caster Series. But don't let its pint size deceive you. These low-rider casters can handle up to 6,000 lbs. each, more than any low-profile caster on the market. They're perfect for applications that require low height and high capacity, like moving CNC machines. To achieve such a low height, our engineers borrowed technology from kingpinless Super Endurance casters.


  • Issue: November 2012
  • 1 Hamilton Electrifies Global Energy Company
  • 2 Get to Know a Truck Guru: Bob Latimer
  • 3 Round About: Homage to the Largest Ship Ever
  • 4 4 Ways the U.S. Military Enlists Hamilton
  • 5 The Big Number: Low Ride. Huge Capacity.