Hamilton introduces New 7100 Series - Heavy Duty Pneumatic Casters

Hamilton Caster has a lot of confidence in the quality and endurance of it...

Hamilton, OH: Hamilton Caster has announced the 7100 Series Pneumatic-tired Casters. The new series maintains Hamilton’s heavy-duty construction but now with a more compact, yet very popular, top plate measuring 4” x 5” and specified with a zinc plating finish to prevent rust and wear. These casters also qualify for Hamilton’s new three-year product warranty and Same Day Pronto shipment service.

The swivel construction of this new series features a drop forged steel top plate and horn base, legs made of ¼” plate steel robotically welded both inside and outside to the horn base, and ¾” diameter integrally forged steel kingpin that carries Hamilton’s lifetime guarantee against failure. To assure smooth swiveling under heavy loads, the 7100 Series features two precisely machined swivel bearing surfaces – a 2 ½” diameter main load raceway and a precision tapered secondary load bearing to counteract radial thrust. 

The new 4” x 5” top plate is offered in wheel sizes from 8” diameter (2.80/2.50-4) up to 12” diameter (4.10/3.50-6) with choice of straight roller bearings or precision tapered roller bearings in the wheels. Wheel sizes 16” thru 25” are also available in the new series but with larger top plates. Hamiltonstocks the most popular sizes for Same Day Pronto Shipment.

Because pneumatic-tired casters cushion loads and roll well on paved or concrete surfaces, this new series is well suited for aerospace ground support equipment (power towed and manual operations), and sensitive cargo such as military weaponry and any other miscellaneous equipment requiring extra care during transport.




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