Hamilton introduces New Swivel-EAZ® Caster Wheels – Unique Twin Wheel Design reduces Turning Resistance…

Hamilton Caster has just added a unique twin caster wheel design to its broad line of polyurethane wheels. The Swivel-EAZ® wheel features two independent swivel surfaces that roll using internal precision bearings on one common axle. The design provides both ergonomic and economic advantages over standard polyurethane wheels. The independent swivel surfaces reduce rolling resistance and minimize the initial start forces while eliminating the need for costlier dual-wheel casters. The split outer polyurethane treads of the caster wheel are non-marking and molded to rust resistant aluminum cores.

Hamilton stocks the Swivel-EAZ® in 4” -8” diameters, two tread designs (crown and flat face), and two hardnesses (80A and 95A) for Same-Day PRONTO® Shipment. The wheel is also backed by Hamilton’s Three Year Product Warranty and is available mounted in many of Hamilton’s broad line of industrial casters.




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