Hamilton introduces New Ergonomic-friendly Vertical Swivel Lock…

Hamilton , OH:
Hamilton Caster introduces a new vertical swivel lock on its heavy duty casters to meet the demand for more ergonomic-friendly industrial casters. The new swivel lock design is mounted at a 90º angle to the top plate providing much easier access to the operator. The new design reduces the amount of bending required by the operator thereby reducing the risk of worker injury. The swivel lock provides fingertip conversion of a swivel caster to a rigid caster for straight line steering control. A spring-loaded plunger positively engages slots milled in the swivel horn base. When retracted, the plunger sits in a vertical notch in the housing to hold it clear of the swivel horn.

The new vertical swivel lock can be designed to integrate with many of Hamilton’s standard forged steel casters with load capacities ranging from 400-5,000 lbs and wheel diameters from 4” - 12”. Please consult factory with your specific requirements.




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