Hamilton Caster Introduces New "Unilast" Solid Elastomer Caster Wheel...

The Hamilton Caster & Mfg. Co. has introduced a new line of solid elastomer caster wheels designed for medium to heavy duty loads. The wheel is produced from a polyether based TDI terminated prepolymer which produces a 75-80 Shore D elastomer. With load characteristics of steel but made of solid polyurethane, the wheels yield excellent hydrolytic stability, resilience, and load bearing qualities.

The steam cleanable Unilast caster wheels are designed for use in hostile and sanitary environments and are not affected by blood, brine, salt, grease, oils, and most harsh chemicals. As an option, wheels can be blended with a special compound making the wheel anti-static for some clean room applications. The wheels have an operating temperature range of -80F to +200F.

Unilast wheels are offered in sizes ranging from 3" thru 8" dia. and for load capacities ranging from 350 lbs. to 1,500 lbs. Hamilton offers a wide variety of bearing choices including Delrin®, Straight Roller and Precision Sealed Ball Bearings. And, the new Unilast wheels may be furnished with Hamilton's swivel and rigid casters made of carbon steel, or corrosive resistant stainless steel.




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