Hamilton’s Premium Ultralast™ Wheels Last Longer and Roll More Easily

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New Ultralast™ wheels from premium caster, wheel, and trailer manufacturer Hamilton Caster are built to last—even under heavy loads and with continuous, higher speed use. The industrial wheels are made from new polyurethane materials enabling them to roll more smoothly and easily with loads up to 7,200 pounds.

Recommended for continuous duty, power-towed and higher-speed applications on smooth surfaces, Ultralast wheels incorporate a new high performance polyurethane. The new material minimizes the heat buildup that can cause traditional polyurethane wheels to fail. During testing, Ultralast out-performed other options by 20% or more.

“Ultralast continues more than a century of innovation,” said Hamilton’s Vice President of Marketing Mark Lippert, who is a fourth generation employee in his family’s business. “From the beginning, our mission has been to deliver an unparalleled level of quality, customer service and break-through products to support our customers’ operations.” Those standards are reflected in two customer surveys conducted by leading industry publications. Both found that Hamilton out-scored competitors in every category.

Ultralast is ideal for heavy manufacturers, heavy industrial uses, and numerous sectors including automotive, aerospace, food and beverage manufacturing and military contractors. The new wheels are available in two standard designs. Standard Ultralast has a 3/8th-inch thick tread that is chemically bonded to a heavy-duty, cast iron center. Super Ultralast wheels incorporate a 1-inch tread molded to a super heavy-duty forged steel center. Custom wheel combinations are also available. The Ultralast polyurethane can be molded to Hamilton’s cast iron, forged steel and aluminum centers on finished sizes ranging from 3 ¼- inch to 20-inches in diameter.

Ultralast wheels’ liquid cast polyurethane measure 93-94 on the Shore durometer scale with a tensile strength of 6500 psi and a Bashore rebound of 57%. That rebound measurement also identifies rollability—indicating that Ultralast polyurethane scored as much as 110% higher than competitive materials. Like many of Hamilton’s products, most models of Ultralast wheels are protected by a three-year, limited warranty. The products are guaranteed against manufacturer defects in materials and workmanship under normal use. Full product details on Hamilton’s Premium Ultralast™ Wheels can be found at: Premium Ultralast Wheels Product Page


About Hamilton Caster & Mfg. Co

Founded in 1907, Hamilton Caster is an industry leader in designing and manufacturing stock and custom-engineered heavy-duty casters, wheels, carts, and trailers. Family owned since its inception, the fourth generation remains as committed to quality as the company’s founder, John Weigel.