= available PRONTO®

PRONTO® -- your assurance of SAME-DAY service on casters & wheels, and 2-3 day service on trucks.

For those caster and wheel orders phoned, faxed, or e-mailed by 12:00 noon EST, we pledge to ship your order the same day!

At Hamilton we understand that fast delivery is critical.  That's why as you browse our website, you'll notice the proliferation of a red star ().  This PRONTO® Symbol identifies one of thousands of PRONTO® models we stock for you in our warehouse (so you don't have to) and pledge to ship either SAME-DAY, if arrived before noon EST, or otherwise next day service - all for no extra charge. 

Hamilton's PRONTO® service is unrivaled in the industry after 37 years of on-time performance.

The choice of an optional accessory, or a non-PRONTO® superstructure or size, may or may not remove an item from PRONTO® shipment. Wheels offering a wide variety of bearing and bore sizes are available PRONTO® only with the size in red color. Because the purpose is to serve the maximum numbers of customers, PRONTO® Service does not apply to extra-large quantity orders. There is no extra charge for PRONTO® shipment, but this service cannot be maintained on orders mixing PRONTO® and non- PRONTO® items.